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About Us

Since 2014, Willow Bonsai Shop has been offering our customers the best selection of bonsai products, bonsai trees and training courses. Our world renown Willow Bonsai Pottery is on site where we produce high quality, high fired Bonsai ceramics. We are continuously innovating creating new pot shapes, glazes and other limited edition pots in the pottery. We also have designed numerous products like Sakadama growing substrate which is exported internationally. It has been tested in the field and lab tested to be the best growing substrate available worldwide for Bonsai.

Our online store showcases our stock of our world-class ceramics. Due to world-wide demand our online store may not have stock of our ceramics so please contact us via email to request what we have in stock or if any overruns are available. Our store focuses on certain product lines but mainly our ceramics.

Willow Bonsai is a family run business. We offer one of the best customer service experiences in the industry. Our passion for the artform is what drives us...


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