10 things to do to prep your Bonsai for the growing season - Repotting Procedure

The new growing season is upon us and time is running out to get everything we need. It can be a bewildering time with so much to decide but with this series we will look at all the necessary items we will need over this 10 part series.

Re-potting Procedure

One of the most exciting and stressful times in a bonsai growers season is when new life starts bursting through the cold and weary weather. New buds start to swell with the oncoming of Spring. This is our cue to get ready for the hard work ahead.

Why do we repot?

  1. To keep trees healthy and invigorate them

  2. Nutritional content of the mix decreases due to root growth

  3. Pot has become root bound and a tangled mess

  4. Root pruning encourages new growth of branches, roots and leaves

  5. Increase size of pot for better growth

  6. Proper positioning of a tree in its pot (change of front)

  7. Removal of weeds otherwise difficult to remove

  8. Changing of the pot for better composition

  9. Insufficient drainage

  10. Cleaning of the pot and removal of lime scale

Preparation before repotting