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Brand new Online Store

We have been working hard to get our new website designed just the way we want it. It has taken many late nights and early mornings, but the hard work has paid off with the release of our new online store. We hope you will like the fresh, clean layout and the easy-to-use interface. We are open to feedback, so send us a mail with your comments to help us improve your experience.

What is there to look forward to?

As we grow, we will be adding more items to the shop. We have some exciting new categories that we will also add as time goes by. Everything we do is to make your shopping even better. Our blog will showcase new items that we will be releasing in the future, as well as exciting behind the scenes of the shop, pottery, and our nursery. We will also be sharing helpful tips and “how to” guides to better use our products and to compliment your learning and growth of your bonsai trees.

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