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Fertilising and You

Updated: May 4, 2021

As we get closer to the new growing season, I frequently get asked when and how frequently fertiliser should be used and what kind is best. Today, we will show you how we fertilise and when we do this.

At any time of year, and particularly during winter, you need to make sure that you fertilise properly and that the tree is healthy. This is particularly true when repotting because a tree’s health will help it survive the stress of repotting and help it to quickly shoot new growth. But what do we mean by “fertilise properly”? Read on to find out.

A little bit about fertilising

Fertilising your bonsai tree is one of the most-important factors in growing a healthy tree. Every tree has certain requirements when it comes to pH level and the certain elements within the soil they need in different seasons. Willow Bonsai always tries to make things as easy as possible for our clients. The easier it is, the more often a bonsai grower will fertilise, the greater their rewards will be.

Willow Bonsai fertiliser concoction

Being a part of the South African Nursery Association, we get the opportunity to see what is new in the market and test out new fertilisers. We have done extensive tests on our own trees and in our bonsai garden with all the products we sell in our store. We only sell what we believe in.

Mix the following concoction into 1 litre of water:

  • 25ml of Gorganic natural seabird guano per litre,

  • 2ml Koinor per litre,

  • 2ml Orius per litre,

  • 2ml Allbuff per litre

This concoction has been worked out specifically to fulfil the trees’ requirements of nutrients, and pest and disease control. This helps strengthen the trees during winter time. The growth we get by using this mixture every two weeks has been remarkable. For more information on what each product can do,

check them out in out online shop.

The Gorganic guano is an organic fertiliser that also has a bit of kelp in it. Use 5ml of Koinor and Orius as a start-out dosage in the begining. Both of these products are systemic, which means they work by being absorbed by the tree’s roots, and they require some time to get into the tree’s system. They are better for the environment and work much better than contact insecticides, which only work on the leaves and above ground parts of the plant. After the first dosage, we use 2ml of Koinor and Orius per litre every two weeks to prevent all our trees from being attacked by pests and diseases. Koinor is a systemic insecticide, whereas Orius is a systemic fungicide. Using both together has no adverse effect because they control different things.

We add Allbuff to correct the pH of the soil as normal tap water is slightly alkaline. With regular watering from alkaline water, the pH becomes not acidic enough for most plants, leading to the roots of the plant being unable to take up all the nutrients they need. Make sure to use Allbuff with any product you mix in water to correct the waters pH and get more activity out of the product you are using.

Our concoction is always poured onto the soil. The soil is where the tree needs the nutrients, and spraying the leaves does not give the maximum benefit to the tree. Applying fertiliser into the soil gets the nutrients directly to where the tree needs them: the roots. When applied to the leaves, the nutrients doesn’t get absorbed efficiently.

Do you have your own fertiliser that you mix? Send us an e-mail and let us know what you use.

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