Hand made

All our pots are hand crafted by Mavourneen, Antony and our loyal pottery assistants Donald and Blessing.

All our pots have to go through a 10 step process to be completed.

Most pots are started off in moulds and then the detail and finishing is done by hand.

Mavourneen is our professional potter that does all the fine detail work.

High Quality

Willow Bonsai Pots is built on a reputation of high quality.


All our pots are checked for quality and integrity.

The Willow Bonsai sticker is a sign of our quality check and indicates the front of the pot where the best glaze effects are...

We strive every day to improve and develop our range to be the best it can be...

Custom Pots

Looking for a one of a kind pot to suit an event or conference? 

We can help...

We can manufacture custom pots on order in various shapes and sizes. 

Looking to add your logo or branding to a pot. We work with professional printers to create your own personalized branding on our pots.

*Lead times do apply

Bespoke products

Our wide range of high quality ceramic Bonsai pots all have a unique identity.


This is because of the reactive stoneware glazes we use.

Depending on temperature, placement in kiln and a few other factors each pot will have a unique texture, glaze pattern and completely one of a kind look.

Pottery classes and team building

We offer "make your own Bonsai pot" classes using the basic pottery techniques.

Team building classes work with clay to make anything you want from Bonsai pots to figurines...

Glazes and Unglazed Colours


Dapple Brown


Sky Blue


DK Honey


Deep Stone


Unglazed Manganese





Azure Blue


Starry Night


These glazes  are all available on our premium range. Only selected glazes are available in our bulk range

Contact us for any queries and orders

*Additional fee applicable on this effect


Antony Smith 083 437 1707

Mavourneen Smith 082 314 1158

Freeborn str, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, South Africa

Proud honorary member of EBPC