Creating a beautiful bonsai often starts with material that is wild and bushy. This class focuses on how to look at different concepts to be able to visualise to end product and design it close to that vision.


A large nursery stock tree will be styled on the day as well.


Class starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm


Basic Overview

  • Bring a tree to work on, we will work from concept drawing to finished product on your tree.
  • Material available in the nursery as well
  • Concept drawing and discussion
  • Cutting back and wiring
  • Placing of branches and final phase 1 styling


Space is limited so booking is essential. Max 5 people in a class.

07 Bonsai Design and Open class - Material to Bonsai 19 July 2020



    Antony Smith 083 437 1707

    Mavourneen Smith 082 314 1158

    Freeborn str, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, South Africa

    Proud honorary member of EBPC