General repotting techniques and step by step process of repotting. We wil als be practically demonstrating grafting techniques to improve the root system and nebari. Grafting is a great technique to create new opportunities in Design.


This class includes 1 x Ficus tree, 1 x Growing container, 1 x wooden board, nails and growing medium.


Class starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm


Basic Overview

  • Learn how to build a nebari or root base with approach grafting (bring a Ficus, Chinese Elm or Maple with to work on) Some stock available in the nursery
  • A nursery tree will be demonstrated on during the day to show how to build a base with trunk splitting, approach grafting, fusing and root wiring.
  • How to use a grafting machine to graft another tree onto mother stock for different foliage or flower colour.


Space is limited so booking is essential. Max 10 people in a class.

09 Repotting techniques and nebari/root design 20 September 2020



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